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What Do Cats Do All Day?

What is your cat doing when you are not at home? Well worry no more: In this article we will explain the daily routine of your cat and exactly what it's doing while you are gone. Please don't allow your cat sit alongside you while reading this, it might seem like its privacy is being violated!

1.Cat Sleep A Lot:

Cats are sleeping a lot during the day. There are many interesting reasons for this, but the significant take away is that they sleep between 12 to 16 hours on a standard day. This video demonstrates that they are amazingly cute when doing this though!

So, if you're having problems getting up in the morning and wish you can go have some more sleep, perhaps it comforts you your cat is doing precisely that: Getting back to sleeping once you leave the home.

2.Cat Explore and Hoard:

Cats are incredibly curious about literally anything. Once you leave, they make sure you are not around anymore by listening and conversing for a few moments.

After they've observed the situation successfully, they then start their secret exploration assignments: They walk around the house and check for items which are laying about or that you threw on the floor. Is a bottle cap which you accidently dropped this morning?

You won't discover that when you come home. Cats usually have a secret stash of items they treasure and frequently update with things like that bottle cap.

Typical spots are: Under the couch, behind a wardrobe or in between furniture. Don't believe us? Move your couch a little bit and see whether your kitty has some objects hidden away. Chances are pretty high it has.


Cats employed to function as predators and although they don't need the food because of youthey still continue to live their ancestor's ways of life. If you're allowing your cat outside by constructing a cat flap into your door, it will certainly be used for a daily search.

For that reason, it is important to play with a good deal and simulate a hunt with a cat that is exclusively held inside.

Buy just a tiny toy mouse and run through the home with it to make your cat chase it if you would like to invest a bit more: There are remotely controlled, animal-like toys that you can move through the house with your smartphone.

This way you can get your kitty to use up its energy they've gained through sleeping and bring some pleasure in its lifetime.

4. Cat Wait For You

But you probably knew that already because of your cat's behavior towards you once you return from work. You may understand your cat visiting your yard or garage when returning from house.

It does this because it's excited about seeing you ! While you are at work, typing away on this keyboard, there is somebody waiting for you at home. It wishes to be with you in your work.

Cat owners across the world have understood the next for decades, but now a study found out that they are way more societal and psychological than they are often given credit for. It's nice to see science backing up truth we already have felt in our hearts for such a long time.


The same as humans, cats may get bored. If you are gone a lot of occasions, your kitty may start to feel a little down since there isn't anybody to play or cuddle with.

In cases like this, cats simply lay about literally not doing anything. Therefore, it is necessary that after you're home you spend time with your kitty!

Perform, cuddle and take pictures of your cat. It simply wants a little attention from time to time, so make certain you do these things -- your kitty needs it!


This could be an obvious one but keep us here. Upon ensuring that you're gone, your cat knows it may eat completely in peaceof mind.

Do not get us wrong... Catevolution

You are not bothersome your cat or which makes it nervous but if it understands it's alone, your cat is more at ease during its feast. This, again, comes down to your cat descending from predators.

In nature, there are constantly contestants to some slayed meal that you need to discover and fight away. When your cat understands there aren't any enemies around, it is eating at a more relaxed way.


As soon as your cat hears your footsteps coming up the yard, it normally prepares for a great welcome. You will often detect your cat coming to the door or to the kitchen immediately once you return from work.

This is not a coincidence:

As stated earlier, your cat is way more societal and emotionally connected to you than you may think. It's definitely excited about meeting you all day and as soon as the magic moment is finally here, your kitty, unless asleep or about the hunt, will welcome you warmly to cause you to feel its love.


Your kitty's daily activities mostly consist of sleeping, eating and exploring.

Don't be mistaken though:

It wants to have you around, which is way it is awaiting you and welcoming you once you return. If this finally happens, make sure you play and total spend some time with it, and that means that you cat gets the love it deserves.

I trust you enjoyed this site article and know what cats do all day long. If you'd like, you can check out our other site articles below. Also, we are currently running a special offer on this necklace that is modeled after your cat!

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